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After 25 years as a golf professional, it's safe to say I've seen almost everything on the PGA tour. From wings to toilet paper, here's my awards for the tour-stop clubhouses.

Bay Hill

Best Toilet Paper

An impressive blend of strength and absorbency, Bay Hill's 2-ply roll leaves little-to-no lint behind while having ample perforations. Always installed in the correct "over" position.

Hazeltine National

Best ATM

I found total decadence in an ATM! Beautiful handmade cherry wood cabinet, soft-touch keypad, silent operation and low administration fee. This is one automatic teller that has it all!

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Best Ice Cubes

WHOA! This is one large ice cube! Perfect for people that don't like a bunch of little "hotel machine cubes" sloshing around to and fro. I'd rate both the the clarity and coldness a 9/10.

Waialae Country Club

Largest Table Centerpieces

A truly amazing arrangement of local flora! I counted 26 tropical stems including ginger, anthuriums in red, pink and green, heliconia, bird of paradise and, of course, orchids. Kupaianaha!

Wayzata Country Club

Closest To My House

Two rights, a left, another right and two lefts and I'm teeing off at my home course, Wayzata Country Club! 

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TPC River Highlands

Best Snack Mix

Who wants to golf when a bottomless bowl of rice crackers, cheese sticks, sesame cheddar sticks, salted sesame sticks, roasted salted sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, soybeans and honey mustard sesame sticks​​ is available at the bar?

TPC Las Colinas

Prettiest Water Hazard

Put one in the pond at 17? You're in for a front row view of the most beautiful assortment of water-loving perennials on tour. Take a drop, then take a selfie!

Deer Run Golf Course

Best Rice Krispie™ Bars

What kind of crazy madman adds a hint of honey to his Rice Krispie™ Bar recipe? Deer Run's Tom Abts, that's who!

TPC at Summerlin

Coolest Light Fixtures

Simple, classic and vibrant, Summerlin's chandeliers feature an antique brass finish with six stunning alabaster glass shades. 

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