Crisp. Refreshing. Course-Tested.
Lumpy's Lager was developed with our pals at Bauhaus Brew Labs and rolled out at the 3M Open in Blaine, Minnesota.

The cans have different tips I've gleaned from fellow tour players over the years. Can you guess which one came from Jesper Parnevik?


The Slice

A slice is usually the product of a strong leading hand. Next time you're at the range, try sitting on that hand for 5-10 minutes until it goes numb. This will weaken it, and immediately have you hitting straighter.


Dealing With Crowds

Playing in front of others can be stressful. Next time you’re on the course, hit your tee shots to adjoining fairways. The practice you’ll get hitting in front of a waiting foursome is invaluable for tournament play.


Swing Thoughts

Simplify your swing by reciting the acronym: V-B-A-A-W-B-A-T-D-R-C-F-T-A-F It will remind you to: Visualize, Breathe, Address, Aim, Waggle, Breathe Again, Takeaway, Downswing, Release, Contact, Follow Through And Finish.


On-Course Snacks

On-course snacks are as important as golf balls, tees and gloves. While apples are a good source of potassium, things like pizza rolls, licorice, chips and queso dip, buffalo wings, crab cakes, mozza sticks, and beer just plain taste goo

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